Valentine’s Day means so much more than just flowers and chocolates. Why not add sparkle to your day with a diamond or two?

The Absolute Gift. Engagement Rings- Said to be given for life. The idea of an engagement ring has been around since the Roman’s- a plain iron hoop, a symbol of the cycle of life. It was not until the 15th century that the idea of the ring, strengthened by the emblem of eternity- the diamond, came about.

When it comes to purchasing your engagement ring, we are always asked How big should the diamond be? This is a personal choice. Always trust your gut and your budget. Years ago, we were always told that 3 months wages was the amount to spend on your ring. That tradition is long gone. Set your budget in mind and allow this to help you in your decision.

Our dedicated team are here to answer any questions, and help you make the best decision. We want to make your engagement journey as stress free as possible.

Types Or Diamond Ring

Domino Diamond Solitaire R1-2180
Brown and Newirth Pear diamond ring EN256
Brown and Newith Oval Halo EN251

Leap Year Proposals

Thursday 29th Febrary 2024 is a leap year -Turning the tables and proposing to your partner- Irish monks took the tradition to Scotland where, in 1288, it was made into a law that women could propose during a leap year. It was said that, they must wear a red petticoat while proposing, and that refusals would result in a fine. This was supposedly decreed by the young, unmarried Queen Margaret, though she was 5 years old.

To propose to your partner, name all the things you love about them and why you think it is the right time for two of you to get married. Don’t want to propose with the ring? A watch can be a perfect alternative for this moment.

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