As you might have seen, the trend of wearing smaller, layered necklaces and pendants is a big thing at the moment. Although this is not a new trend, stacking jewellery is certainly something we are seeing more of, and being asked about. You can express your personality through each unique combination of necklaces. Whether you choose to stick to a theme, or purposefully clash colours and designs, this way of wearing your jewellery is totally individual and allows you to get creative with your style. Do you already have a collection of necklaces and chains that you wear independently? If you do great, you’re ready to begin your layering journey. If not, we have plenty to choose from in store!

So, I hear you ask, How do you layer necklaces? Here is our easy guide;

  • We recommend a maximum of 3 necklaces (you can wear as many as you like however, less is more)
  • Start with your necklace which is the shortest, this is usually 40-45 cm. depending on your preference.
  • Pop on your next longest in length, usually approx 5cm longer than the last.
  • Finally complete your look with the longest chain.

Now find your favourite mirror, step back and admire the unique look you have created!

Give it a try, maybe mix your metals and your gemstones to create your statement look.

We would love to see your creations, so get layering those necklaces and tag us in your socials.

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