Are my pearls going to be high maintenance?

Maintaining your pearls can appear daunting and may put some people off buying them altogether. This need not be the case. Daily intervention will keep your pearls looking and staying as good as new.

Following an easy and simple process, our list of Do’s and Don’ts, will help you stay on track.

  • DO keep you pearls dry- Damp threads are often the reason for frayed and damaged strings.
  • DO keep your pearls in a soft environment- Any hard or ‘scratchy’ surface will effect the coating of the pearl
  • DO NOT spray perfume, hair spray or put body lotion on your pearls. Put your sprays on FIRST and let them dry, so to not cause any damage.
  • DO NOT use any abrasive cleaners- Your pearls are vunerable to acids and alkalines. This will stop any damage or discolouration to the surface.
  • DO use a damp cloth or wipe to rub over your pearls- This will wipe away any excess oils and pollutions in the air that your pearls have come in to contact with. Doing this after every wear will guarantee longevity.
  • DO put your pearls on last- Your pearls should be the last addition to your outfit. Putting on last, ensures that the pearls are fresh and safe. All of your creams and perfumes are dry.

Proper care and attention will keep your pearls looking and feeling fresh.

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