Torc, Torq or more commonly known, Torque bangles- from the latin word ‘torquis’, meaning to twist or turn something (Torc popular with retailers and designers)- are defined as having a gap on one side to be twisted on to the arm, above the wrist. Thought to have been first developed in 8th century BC, in ancient Greece. Torc bangle, bracelet and necklets were popular in the middle ages, made from such metals as bronze or silver and for the very wealthy, gold.

Torcs were traditionally worn around the neck but can be worn around the arms and the wrists. They were strands of twisted metal with a small opening- twisted around the neck or over the arm to fit the wrist, very rarely removed. Modern bangles have larger openings, therefore, removing the twisting aspect. These are removed as and when required, changing with current fashions. They are popular amongst men and women.

Torc bangles and necklets were said to provide status and influence for those wearing them. A sign of wealth and nobility, they denoted a brave warrior. Popular amongst Norse, Vikings and Celts- The National Museum of Ireland holding the record for the most ancient torcs, discovered, to date.

Torc bangles are one of the oldest and enduring styles of jewellery to have ever existed.

The Snettisham Great Torc. beautiful Iron age neck wear- mostly gold, weighing 1kg- discovered in Norfolk in the 1950s, now on display in the British museum.

The modern day torc bangle, often solid with balls on the end. This creates a smooth application for the wearer. Can be worn everyday. Others can be set with stones and patterned, to be worn everyday and interchangeable with current fashions.

Other names have included cuff or penannular.

Gold Torc Bangle

How to put on a Torc Bangle:

Silver Torc Bangle

-Find the fleshy part of your wrist and place the edge of the bangle.

-Twist the Torc over the wrist to desired placement

-NEVER bend or open the torc bangle to put on and then close or tighten. This creates small cracks over time, damaging the bangle.

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